Increase your chance of success in complex, high-stakes B2B sales

In high-stakes sales, one big deal can greatly affect the seller’s income and the buyer’s profits.

It’s not realistic to just create leads and hope they’ll quickly turn into revenue after you impress them with a creative solution.

Our business development services improve your chances of success.

From planning to action, we change the odds in your favour.

The right strategy, the right audience and the right message delivered by experienced advisors will ensure that every communications counts.

We study your potential market and pinpoint the accounts where you have the highest chance of securing valuable deals with minimal regrets.

Next, we identify the important decision-makers in these accounts, verify their contact information, add contextual information about their buying intent, then categorise them by persona ready for personalised interactions.

Spending time on the wrong accounts and contacts can waste resources, hinder growth, and harm your brand’s reputation.

Our unique insights and data offer you the essential tools for success.

We are in an era where buyers can easily learn everything they need about your company and your products online.

If you don’t offer them new ideas, they might not see value in talking to you.

This often explains why salespeople don’t get a response after their first meeting with potential clients.

Our approach focuses on providing unique insights so the prospects we contact for you really value the conversations we have with them.

We help them by highlighting new challenges and offering solutions they haven’t thought of. 

This way, we assist both them and you. It’s a win-win situation!

You’ve found a perfect match between a prospect’s needs and your solutions, but remember, this is just the beginning of a long and complex purchase journey.

Buyers face serious risks when choosing high-impact solutions, so their decision involves many people and thorough reviews.

Your main goal should be the customer’s success, not just winning the deal.

Your sales process should match buying steps, and your sales team needs to be prepared for a lengthy commitment.

Our CRM and Sales Support services keep you on the right track.

Our mission is straightforward:

To propel the growth of forward-thinking, ethical vendors whose revolutionary technology reshapes industries and elevates society. 

To sell solutions effectively, you need to fully understand your buyers’ problems.

In our early years at CTO, we worked only in the telecommunications sector. We’ve interacted with almost every CSP and MVNO worldwide.

Since then, we’ve helped our clients enter other markets like finance, retail, utilities, and government sectors.

“We talk every day with top leaders in various industries. 

Our meaningful conversations unlock deep insights into the challenges they face, the systems they use, and their goals for the future.

Leveraging our experience, systems and unique insights gives you a big edge over competitors!”  

(Bruce Hayes, CEO)

Work with us, you will be in good company

Teamwork makes the dream work

Imagine having BDRs who need minimal training, quickly grasp complex solutions, and start excelling in just a month!

Our flexible team can quickly expand your business, moving from planning to real results in just a few days after starting.

We integrate smoothly with your CRM, sharing data and insights in real time.

Our goal is to create a continuous feedback loop between our team (your market informants) and your in-house sales, marketing, product management, and leadership teams.

This collaboration creates a powerful, efficient revenue-generating system and is why we build lasting relationships with our clients.

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