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Telecommunications and media 

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are in a tight market race while facing new threats from digital-native rivals. At CTO, we demystify legacy systems, streamline industry jargon, and navigate lengthy buying cycles, delivering clear value to cautious buyers. 

We bridge the communication gap with CSP prospects, ensuring they grasp the indispensable value you offer, making bypassing an engagement with you an unaffordable choice. 


Some of our clients in the telecommunications sector


There is a common thread across sectors like financial services, retail, travel, energy, and logistics. It is the blend of rich heritage and the need for modernisation.  

At CTO, we navigate through the maze of legacy systems, simplifying complex narratives into clear, compelling dialogue that resonates with your key target accounts. Together, let us clarify the tangible value you bring to these sectors, turning legacy constraints into modernisation opportunities. Our mission is to ensure your prospects understand the clear logic. Engaging with you is not merely a choice, but a strategic step towards lasting success.

Experience in the market

Government and public

In a world where technology drives possibilities, forward-looking government bodies are embracing digital transformation to better serve their communities.  

At CTO, we help you by untangling the complex web of governmental processes.  We break down bureaucratic barriers. We create a path to a more connected and efficient public service realm that your solutions will enable. 


Experience in the market

Machine learning and artificial intelligence

  • Predictive analytics for fraud detection and prevention
  • AI-driven customer engagement and personalisation
  • Machine learning for network optimisation and predictive maintenance
  • Real-time analytics for decision-making and insights
  • AI-powered cybersecurity and threat detection

Customer experience

  • Omni channel engagement platforms for seamless customer interactions
  • AI-powered chatbots and IVR systems for enhanced customer service
  • Customer journey orchestration to personalise customer interactions
  • Real-time analytics to measure and improve customer satisfaction
  • Customer feedback and sentiment analysis for continuous improvement

Operations, Network Management and Business Support Systems (OSS/NMS/BSS)

  • End-to-end service assurance and network monitoring solutions
  • Inventory management and resource optimisation 
  • cloud billing, revenue management, and assurance
  • Operations support systems (OSS) for network management and orchestration
  • Business support systems (BSS) for customer management and billing

MarTech and customer lifecycle management

  • Marketing automation platforms for targeted campaigns
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) integration and optimisation
  • Lifecycle marketing to engage customers at every stage
  • Data analytics and insights for marketing ROI
  • Content strategy and personalised messaging for enhanced engagement

FinTech and RegTech

  • Automated compliance and regulatory reporting solutions
  • Fraud detection and anti-money laundering systems 
  • Blockchain for secure transactions and smart contracts
  • Payment processing and financial transaction management
  • Risk management and financial analytics

Connectivity and IoT

  • 5G solutions for enhanced connectivity and bandwidth
  • IoT device management and security
  • Edge computing for low-latency data processing
  • Connectivity solutions for smart cities and industries 
  • IoT data analytics for actionable insights

Revenue management and assurance

  • Revenue leakage detection and prevention
  • Billing accuracy and dispute management
  • Revenue assurance analytics for insights and optimisation
  • Fraud management to protect revenues
  • Revenue optimisation and pricing strategy

Cyber security

  • Network security and monitoring solutions
  • Threat detection and response systems
  • Cybersecurity consulting and risk assessment
  • Secure cloud infrastructure and services
  • Cyber hygiene training and awareness programs

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